About ME

Hi, I’m Hannah. Welcome to Hannah’s Quilling Designs!

I’m the second-eldest in a family of 9 children, growing up in Nebraska. My mother taught me to do embroidery at a young age, and to sew when I was a young teenager. She patiently put up with all my crafty creations, and today I’m thankful for that.
I’ve loved paper crafting since kindergarten, where I learned to make snowflakes. I took that knowledge home with me and created a blizzard at home. In first grade, I learned to make flowers with paper. It was thrilling to me. I created gardens and gardens of them. My husband’s aunt was one of my favorite people (still is, too), and I made her one such garden using strips of notebook paper colored in crayon all different colors. I drew leaves, grass, sun, clouds, and birds on the background notebook page, and glued the flowers at the bottom. To this day, thirty years later, that picture is still on her wall in a frame.
I learned to crochet when I switched from public school to a private school where several of the girls my age were just learning that craft. My late aunt taught me to make the granny square when I was a 5th grader.
I’ve dabbled in other types of crafts through the years, taking up hair bow-making, wreath decorating, and garment sewing, but at this time, my favorite crafts are crochet and quilling.
A couple of years ago, I accidentally stumbled across the word ‘quilling.’ Not knowing what this was, I went to YouTube and found a video tutorial for basic quilling. I was hooked, and made Mother’s Day gifts that year, teaching my children the art as well. Although all four of them can quill, two of them are more interested in it, and they will (and are eager to) participate on my blog with tutorials of their own. I love creating things with them. It’s an experience that reminds me of sitting next to my mother as we both embroidered tea towels.
I am a teacher at heart, so I’d like to teach others how to quill. There are so many things to make using the different techniques in quilling. I’m excited to begin this new venture, and hope you’ll come along and create with us!